Xoko's Return
Xoko's return quest
Claw Quest 1-14
Prerequisites: Finish Condors
Level:  ?
Location: [[Claw Expedition Location| Claw]]
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[[Condors|Condors [[Uninvited Guests|Uninvited Guests


Early the next morning, Xoko returned. Along with the bear, there came a pack of wolves. I cringed in fear, but then I realized all those animals obeyed the shaman. The pack leader saw the wounded cub and growled something to the pack. A young white she-wolf came forward, took the cub gently by the scruff with her sharp teeth, and ran off into the woods.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Chocolate Make some chocolate to improve your mood. 5 N/A
Red extract Create red extract. 3 N/A
Carrot sticks Make some carrot sticks as a bait. 5 N/A


Can it be so that the strangers caught Azor...that he became very old and silly just like me. Otherwise we wouldn't have let this happen,' sighed Inua. 'Thank you, good friends. You have restored the House of Spirits.' I did not respond to the shaman's praise. 'We won't leave Claw until we return peace to your land and people.'

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