Xoko's Rescue
Xoko's rescue quest
Claw Quest 1-10
Prerequisites: Finish The Threat
Level:  ?
Location: [[Claw Expedition Location| Claw]]
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[[The Threat|The Threat [[The Plan|The Plan


Dull Echo opened the cage and cut the ropes that tied the bear. He caressed Xoko on the head: 'You're free, run to Inua. He's waiting for you.' The bear got out of the cage and obediently disappeared into the woods.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Cable Create cables in the Barn. 30 N/A
Fire Make some fire in the Barn. 300 N/A
Blueberry Restock your blueberry supplies. 30 N/A


She remember's him' Dull Echo exclaimed as we returned to Inua's wigwam. The shaman was sitting by the fire, Xoko lying next to him. 'They have taken away Xoko's cubs!' he cried. 'They will take away the lives of more innocent creatures unless we stop them.'


  • Make blueberries in your Barn.

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