Winter's Coming
Winter's Coming quest
Road to the East Quest 1-11
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
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[[The Tinker Factory. Part 3|The Tinker Factory. Part 3 [[New Acquaintances|New Acquaintances


I don't at all like the cold gusts of wind that are growing stronger with every morning. The light shiver that I can feel passing through my body makes me realize that winter's coming, I need to store up supplies.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Sheep Shear the sheep. 50 5 EmeraldCurrency
Goose egg Collect goose eggs. 25 3 EmeraldCurrency
Cucumbers Harvest cucumbers. 35 10 EmeraldCurrency


After finishing my chores, I went to the Tinker Factory. I wanted to know how things were going there.


  • More than one egg can sometimes be harvested from goose nests.

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