Wildfire quest
Wallmond Quest 1-2
Prerequisites: The Call of the Wild
Level:  ?
Location: Wallmond
1 Emerald Emerald
2 Cheesecake 35 energy Cheesecake 35 energy
5 Cookies Cookies
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The Call of the Wild Lewis' Mystery


Wallmond glowed: Lewis' Mansion, the only building around, was on fire. Lewis' wife and daughters tried to extinguish it to no effect. Lewis himself, a master of whom there were horrible rumors, was sitting on the ground and looking at his carved fence catching fire.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Burnt mansion Restore Lewis' Mansion. N/A
Burnt workshop Restore Lewis' Workshop. N/A
Go home Go to your home station. N/A


Our plan worked: the fire left both the house and the annex almost touched. We decided to stay in Walmond and help the Lewis family clear up. I didn't believe the rumors about the old master.


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