Wild garden wheel


Wild Garden: a new land on the map of Klondike


  • Here you will find lots of wild apple and pear trees whose fruits are needed for upgrading the new special building Cornucopia.
  • Wild Garden is a temporary location that closes 14 days after you first travel there.
  • The last day when you can make your 1st trip to Wild Garden is December 14th.
  • Wild Garden is located very close to the Home Station and only requires a Kerosene lamp as equipment, so all players (including low-level beginners) will get to travel there.
  • Your mission on this station is to cut 105 wild apple and pear trees.
  • Cut the trees in Wild Garden and bring the treasures home to fill the Cornucopia.
  • Reward for reaching the goal: 1 dynamite (100 Energy), 50 Fruits of autumn, 5000 XP, 15 collection pieces.
  • If you clear Wild Garden completely, you will earn an achievement and get a great reward!


  • None

Unique Features

Fruit Trees - Full combination chopping down these trees will earn the player the following valuable resources:

Item Weight
Ripe pear
Ripe Pear
Juicy apple
Juicy Apple

Equipment Requirements

Associated Quests

Travel Information

  • Home Station to Wild Garden : 33 km


  • Wild Garden Fruit LocationsGo to image page to resize image.
  • Wild Garden - South clearedGo to image page to resize image.
  • Wild Garden - 2/3 clearedGo to image page to resize image.
  • Wild Garden - Only fruit trees remainingGo to image page to resize image.
  • Chest on East Side
  • Chest on West Side
  • Wild Garden Expedition Location (2014), cleared of most trees.Go to File:WildGarden2014_PZ_clear1.png
  • Wild Garden Expedition Location (2014), cleared of most trees; possible pathways.Go to File:WildGarden2014 PZ clear1path.png
  • Completed Wild GardenGo to image page to resize image.


Special gift WildGarden2014

The special gift received for completion.

  • Apple Trees have 25 pcs, Pear Trees have 45 pcs.
  • The special gift rewarded by the Wild Garden quest contains: 5000 XP, 50 Fruits of Autumn, 3 emeralds, Collection items.
  • Decorations: lots of Ukhty fences, 1 large and 2 smaller Khans' totems, 1 Khans' idol, 1 kennel, 1 Ukhty dugout, 1 obelisk, 3 wagon with flowers, 3(?) deer figurines.
  • The two large dark brown chests depicted in some of the images may not exist on this map outside of the Facebook game version. YES: Facebook, [...]. NO: Plinga, [...].
  • The small entrance area yields (from fallen apples and trees) ~22 baskets. The southern corner area yields ?? baskets. The western corner area yields ?? baskets. The center area yields ?? baskets. The pear tree northeast yields ?? baskets.

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