What Awaits Us?
What awaits us quest
Machaon Quest 1-17
Prerequisites: Complete Winona
Level:  ?
Location: [[Machaon Expedition Location| Machaon]]
Previous Next
[[Winona|Winona [[The Salvation|The Salvation


We spent the last 24 hours without food and water. The shaman was glad to become the most powerful person in the tribe again. He was hoping we would soon give up the ghost.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Cotton threads Create cotton threads. 10 N/A
Woolen threads Create woolen threads. 10 N/A
Plaid throw Create some plaid throws to get warm. 3 N/A


That night, Silent Shadow lost consciousness. None of the Wutians dared to give her water without the approval of the shaman. Suddenly, I saw Winona in the distance. She was walking towards us hand in hand with Glenn.


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