We've Arrived
We've arrived quest
Arnica Quest 1-1
Prerequisites: Complete the Access to Wolf Heath questline.
Level:  ?
Location: Arnica
100 Energy Energy
500 Experience Experience
50 Hay Hay
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This is the first quest in this series. Good Idea


We looked in the distance and saw Arnica, a pristine northern landscape of Wolf Heath. At a distance we could see a river enveloped in thick fog.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
We've arrived obj1 Go to Arnica. 1 EmeraldCurrency
Cut bushes Cut out a few bushes: you cannot see a thing. 5 3 EmeraldCurrency
Red moss stones Cut out some more stones. 5 3 EmeraldCurrency


The map showed a fishing village on the opposite bank. It was very difficult to navigate in the thick fog that surrounded us. All we could see was the amusing mosaic of moss under our feet. Where should we go?


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