Purchase Price: 99 EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price: N/A CoinCurrency
Gift Value: N/A
Weight: N/ASledIcon
Feed: Bones

The Watch Dog guards nests and hides in your home station, and helps you find nests, hides, and gold veins on Neighbors' stations.


  • The dog item can be placed and returned to and from the map and storage.
  • Placed on the map, it appears as a dog house, bringing with it a white dog. The dog moves freely about the map, following you, and can be picked up and moved around like other animals. When picked up at your Station and dropped near a hidden nest, the dog will find it for free.
  • When placed, the dog will guard nests and hides, preventing visiting neighbors from opening them. This only functions for the section of the Station the dog has been placed, and not for the other three sections.
  • When placed, the dog will automatically follow you to Neighbors' Stations when you visit them. When fed Bones the dog will find you nests (1 bone), hides (2 bones) or a gold vein (9 bones). The dog does not distinguish between full and already opened nests and hides, so it is not a guarantee of a reward.


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