Uninvited Guests
Uninvited guests quest
Arnica Quest 1-5
Location: Arnica
50 Boards Boards
3 Chains Chains
3 Fabric Fabric
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Politeness Disappointment


When we knocked at the first shack, a gloomy fisherman opened the door. He didn't even say hello. My stomach dropped. Will we have to rely on ourselves?


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Fish Restock Fish supplies in Arnica. 100 N/A
Curd cheese Make some Curd Cheese. 3 N/A
Blueberry Restock your blueberry supplies. 10 N/A


"Fortunately, the fisherman showed us where we could restock our food supplies and learn the latest news. Yet his suspicious tone made us want to leave the soonest possible. 'We are uninvited guests here.' - I said to myself."


  • Blueberries made in the Barn are the only ones that count, not blueberries exchanged from Healing Sets.
  • You CAN make fish at the Barn (don't have to make them in Arnica). This has been confirmed by the author.

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