Troubles quest
Southern Reach Quest 1-13
Location: Southern Reach
300 Fish Fish
3,000 Experience Experience
300 Horse feed Horse feed
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The Letters The Lie


Abe McCremons was furious to see me reading his letters. I tried to tell the truth and apologize, but he wouldn't even listen. He just kicked us out of the house.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Fire Make a fire. 1000 N/A
Paper Create some paper. 20 N/A
Find gold vein Find Gold Veins. 10 N/A


I was disappointed. 'Now I'll never learn the truth about my father.' We were sitting by the fire, not far from Abe's house. There was a crumpled letter in my pocket. I didn't give it back to McCremons and just wanted to throw it into the fire. When the letter touched the flame, I saw some words written in invisible ink.


  • Find gold veins. You don't need to find 10 different veins, you only need to find enough veins to give you 10 digs total, probably 2 or 3 veins will do it. Use the watchdog if you have him to find them quickly. If you don't, just dig your regular energy items, the veins are completely random, you will come across some eventually..

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