Trees are a type of resource in Klondike that can be harvested for wood. There are three main families of trees, each with their own unique wood type: Ordinary trees, Fir and Spruce trees, and Sequoia trees.

Ordinary trees

Ordinary trees yield Ordinary logs Ordinary logs.

Tree-Autumn sapling Tree-Autumn tree Tree-Yellow tree
Autumn Sapling
18 Ordinary logs
Autumn Tree
25 Ordinary logs
Yellow Tree
9 Ordinary logs
Tree-Summer sapling Tree-Summer tree
Summer Sapling
9 Ordinary logs
Summer Tree
25 Ordinary logs

Fir and Spruce trees

Fir and Spruce trees yield Fir-tree logs Fir-tree logs.

Tree-Small fir-tree Tree-Small spruce Tree-Fir-tree Tree-Spruce
Small Fir Tree
18 Fir-tree logs
Small Spruce
15 Fir-tree logs
Fir Tree
22 Fir-tree logs
Spruce Tree
23 Fir-tree logs
Tree-Double fir-tree Tree-Dry fir-tree Tree-Rare fir-tree
Double Fir Tree
70 Fir-tree logs
Dry Fir Tree
45 Fir-tree logs
Rare Fir Tree
28 Fir-tree logs

Sequoia trees

Sequoia trees yield Sequoia logs Sequoia logs.

Tree-Small sequoia Tree-Large sequoia
Small Sequoia
55 Sequoia logs
Large Sequoia
90 Sequoia logs

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