To Nord-Pas
To Nord-Pas quest
Arnica Quest 1-16
Location: Arnica
2 Feed for 25 birds Feed for 25 birds
3,000 Experience Experience
3 Emerald Emerald
Previous Next
Time to Hit the Road This is the last quest in this series.


We loaded everything necessary to the sled. Hope had to stay in Arnica: he caught a cold. 'Have a safe trip, see you!' said Hope.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Energy Snack Eat an energy snack. 7 5
Fur hat Make a Fur Hat for Hope. 1 N/A
Nord-Pas Go to Nord-Pas. N/A 1


We hit the road. All villagers went outside to wave us good-bye. We held up well, but deep inside each of us was worried. 'What will the journey to Nord-Pas be like? What awaits us there?' I asked myself.


  • Food must be eaten one portion at a time. Eating 7 apples in a single click, for example, would only count as a single energy snack.

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