Thoughtless Decision
Thoughtless decision quest
Arnica Quest 1-10
Location: Arnica
50 Rice Rice
5 Ostrich egg basket Ostrich egg basket
50 Porridge Porridge
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The Flood The Loss


I approached the fishermen who helped us to express my gratitude to them, but accidentally slipped and fell in the mud. Even Silent Shadow and Dull Echo burst out laughing, while helping me to stand up and shake the mud off.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Socks Create some new socks. 3 N/A
Boards Produce some boards at the Furniture Factory. 50 N/A
Cable Make some cables in the Barn. 5 N/A


I flushed in embarrassment. 'Tomorrow, we are leaving this place in search of a new camp!' I said in a firm voice and started packing. Hope just sighed. He knew that Arnica was the only settlement in the neighborhood.


  • Socks can be made in the Spinnery or the Manufactories, it doesn't matter which you use.

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