The Threat
The threat claw quest
Claw Quest 1-9
Prerequisites: Finish She-Bear
Level:  ?
Location: [[Claw Expedition Location| Claw]]
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[[She-Bear|She-Bear [[Xoko's Rescue|Xoko's Rescue


Xoko woke up and began howling loudly. The bandit dropped his spear. 'It's time to quieten this stupid bear, otherwise it may tear our throats.' 'Have pity on us, Ollie. Let's finish the bear at sunrise, we have too much julep running in our veins now.'


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Saw Create saws in the Smithy. 15 N/A
Nails Produce nails in the Smithy. 25 N/A
Wire Create wire in the Smithy. 25 N/A


When the poachers went back to their tents and we could hear their peaceful snoring, we climbed out of the hideout. Dull Echo crept to the cage and tried to open it. I felt uneasy: it was the first time I'd been head on to a two-meter tall bear.


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