The Story. Part 1
The Story. Part 1 quest
Greenday Quest 1-4
Location: Greenday
2000 Experience Experience
200 Kerosene Kerosene
100 Iron ore Iron ore
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Old School The Story. Part 2


The Tuuk tribe had a long and complicated history. It all started with disagreements on the White Bear Plateau.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Find poultry's nest and collect the eggs. 100
Chains Create some chains. 15
Water Get some water in the Well or Water pump. 100


Some of the Inuit didn't agree with the harsh orders of the new leader and left.


- Eggs can be collected anywhere there are nests, whether on your lands or at a neighbor's station.

- Chains are created in the Smithy or Metallurgy.

- Water is collected from the Water Well or Water Pump. These are buildings purchased in the Market under buildings/special tab.

* Typo in the original text for game ==> poultry's should just be poultry nest or just nest. Do not fix. Thanks. *

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