The Solution
The solution quest
Inti Coast Quest 1-3
Location: Inti Coast
5 Cunning bob Cunning bob
20 Hook Hook
20 Triple hook Triple hook
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The River's Mystery Heat


We can't lose a minute. What if my dad is here and he needs my help?' Silent Shadow only shook her head at my words. 'Doesn't it all seem strange to you? Why are we so convinced that your father is here?'


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Matches Create a match to light the darkness. 4 N/A
Energy snack Eat an energy snack. 10 10 EmeraldCurrency
Mug Make a couple of mugs in the Tinker factory. 5 N/A


I nursed a grievance against my friends. It seemed to me that we had grown much apart and I would be better without them. The same night, without saying a word to my friends, I left our camp and started my lone journey.


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