The Road To Nowhere
The road to nowhere quest
Southern Reach Quest 1-4
Location: Southern Reach
1 Lucky coin 2 Lucky coin 2
50 Iron ore Iron ore
1,000 Experience Experience
Previous Next
Goodbye Smoke Signal


Compared to the road to the Emerald Valley, our previous journey was a mere walk. Now and again we were losing track and going around in circles. The winding roads were constatly leading us farther away from Southern Reach, our destination point.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Feed dogs2 Feed your dogs properly. 30 N/A
Cookies Load some energy snacks to your sled. 10 3 EmeraldCurrency
Go to southern reach Go to Southern Reach through the mountain pass in Inti Coast. N/A


After another dozen miles we found ourselves near the place where we spent the previous night. That was strange since we were leaving marks everywhere in order not to get lost again. An idea occurred to me that someone didn't want to see us here.


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