The River's Mystery
The rivers mystery quest
Inti Coast Quest 1-2
Location: Inti Coast
50 Clay Clay
50 Coal Coal
50 Rocks 40px
Previous Next
The First Morning The Solution


We walked along the riverside for over half an hour before we noticed a small waterfall in the distance. 'Let's go down and see what is there.' My friends supported my suggestion.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Fishers set Collect and exchange a Fisher's Set. 10 N/A
Stone set Collect and exchange a Stone Set. 10 N/A
Wind set Collect and exchange a Wind Set. 10 N/A


It took us a lot of effort to hike down to the foot of the waterfall. In the middle of sharp riverside rocks we found a crashed boat, broken paddles and a half-rotten box. Inside the box, Shadow found a coin that looked exactly like the one we found in the Temple of Caldos.


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