The Race
The race quest
Sunrise Quest 1-11
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Sunrise
20 Flour Flour
15 Energy Energy
3 Feed for 7 birds Feed for 7 birds
Previous Next
Footsteps on Snow Two Ropes


The blizzard has stilled not long ago, so those who left these footsteps mustn't be far away. I need to hurry up; maybe I could catch up with them.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
The race obj 1 Create a soft harness in Indigo. 1 9 EmeraldCurrency
The race obj 2 Make some porridge from packed feed in Aery. 30 3 EmeraldCurrency
The race obj3 Feed your dogs for the road. 10 2 EmeraldCurrency


I need to be more careful: the explosions, that my father saw, had been set up. And I think I know who it was.


  • Porridge made in the barn at the home station counts toward quest completion.

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