The Night Guest
The night guest quest
Moon Well Quest 1-15
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
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[[The Glade|The Glade [[The Morning|The_Morning


The sound of the branches of the trees was getting louder and louder. Someone was approaching to the glade. Echo grabbed his rifle and pointed it to the person who greeted us, clumsy, waving and smiling.


  • Create 30 fire in the barn. You need to throw firewood to the fire so the travel can be warm.


Warm by the fire, our night guest told us his story. His name is John Drop. He survived to an airplane crash a few miles from this place. His plane crashed into a tree, but the branches cushioned the fall, saving his life, miraculously. He has been walking from the florest for a few days when he saw our fire. The pilot laughed and was grateful to his own luck, to this encounter.


  • Every combination to make fire in the barn works.

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