The Negotiations
The Negotiations quest
Indim Quest 1-4
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Indim
1 Emerald Emerald
100 Porridge Porridge
100 Fish Fish
Previous Next
Guests The Dragon Master


"We worship the red dragon, and the dragon abhors it when strangers come to his lands. The lord was sleeping for a very long time in his mountain, but he is awake now, and nobody can sooth his anger!" Shadow translated the chieftain's speech to me.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Feed your dogs. You might need to flee. 50 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px Collect and exchange a Reptile Set. 5 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px Collect and exchange an Inuit Set. 5 3 EmeraldCurrency


The savages looked very agressive. I had to improvise on the fly. I took the ancient tooth out of my backpack and shouted that I was a famous dragon master and their 'red bird' was neither the first nor the last on my way.


  • The first objective will count off as you venture places and feed your dogs like normal. You don't have to "do" anything per say.

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