The Lie
The lie quest
Southern Reach Quest 1-14
Location: Southern Reach
1 100-Energy dynamite 100-Energy dynamite
5 Chains Chains
Honey 15 energy Honey 15 energy
Previous Next
Troubles The King of Diggings


Abe, don't ever reveal our secret. I'll be waiting for you near the Pass. Somebody may steal the letter.' My father wrote these words a few years after his fellow-explorers perished. Probably, these gold mines were really important for him, even more important than the family.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Blue extract Create blue extract. 3 N/A
Window glass Take some window glasses to Arnica and unload them to the local Storage. 20 N/A
Pumpkin Harvest pumpkins and sell them from storage. 300 N/A


Later that evening, I knocked at McCremons' door. I had to wait for him for some time. He knew for sure that I wouldn't give up and leave. 'Come in, boy.' he said at last.


  • Load window glass to your sled and then immediately unload it, this can be done at your home station, you do not need to go anywhere. If you don't have 20 window glass, you can do it with less, just load, unload, load , unload, load, unload until it's done.
  • Sell pumpkins from storage, no need to grow them if you already have enough to sell. Also you can get them as gifts and sell.

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