The Lair
The lair quest
Claw Quest 1-7
Prerequisites: Finish Night Raid
Level:  ?
Location: [[Claw Expedition Location| Claw]]
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[[Night Raid|Night Raid [[She-Bear|She-Bear


It was surprisingly quiet, only the hooting of owls occasionally broke the silence of the primeval Khan forest. Inua told us not to light a fire, I was following Dull Echo's footsteps as he could see in the dark remarkably well. Suddenly, we saw a light flickering in the distance. 'Looks like someone trying to light a fire,' whispered Echo.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Cage Swap for cages at the Aery station, you are going to need them soon. 10 N/A
Wood veneer Produce some wood veneer at the factory. 10 N/A
Shelving Make some shelvings. 5 N/A


As we drew closer we saw the poachers from the Dead Sea. Dull Echo nudged me, 'Look.' Beside the carriage there was a wooden cage with a sleeping bear inside. The poor creature had all its paws tied tightly.


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