The Horns and Hoofs
The Horns and Hoofs quest
Martu Quest 1-6
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Martu
1 Windsock Windsock
3 Cement Cement
100 Golden shovels Golden shovels
Previous Next
The Duties The Sunstroke


The weather in Alaska still amazes me. Yesterday it was cold, and today it's a real scorcher! Well, I have nothing else to do but sweat.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Grow poultry at this station. 35 15 EmeraldCurrency
70px Grow cattle. 30 15 EmeraldCurrency
70px Collect birds' eggs. 100 15 EmeraldCurrency


The hat was constantly falling from my head and kept me from my work. I snapped and threw it away. It was a mistake. By noon my legs became weak and some minutes later I fainted.


  • The animals must be purchased from the Marketplace to count toward quest objectives.
  • Animals purchased in the Farm and Hennery will not count.
  • Incubator poultry also will not count

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