The Camp Of The Indistinguishable
The camp of the indistinguishable quest
Dune Quest 1-6
Prerequisites: Complete The Test. Part 2
Location: Dune
150 Gypsum Gypsum
3 Chocolate Chocolate
15 Hook Hook
Previous Next
The Test. Part 3 Closer To The Answer


At some point I lost the feeling of being a traveler and explorer. It felt like I was the Chosen one, the hero from the legends and lores, who moves through quicksands to save Dune and the entire world. To Alice, it all seemed at least a little odd.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Ostrich egg basket Create ostrich egg baskets in Polar-Side. 3
Chest of drawers Swap for some chests of drawers in Aery. 2
House friends House your friends. 30


Benjamin's map led us to a small oasis with a few similar tents around it. The nomads who came towards us looked very much alike with their weather-beaten faces and long grey beards. They had no names: no one could tell the elders apart.


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