The Bridge Construction
The bridge construction machaon quest
Machaon Quest 1-13
Prerequisites: Complete The Threat
Level:  ?
Location: [[Machaon Expedition Location| Machaon]]
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[[The Threat|The Threat [[Lightning Rod|Lightning Rod


We worked hard the entire week. Even Winona, the chieftain's daughter, was helping us. When she was around, Glenn couldn't work: he couldn't help staring at the graceful young girl.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Mirror Create mirrors in Arnica. 2 N/A
Pearl Create some pearls in Inti Temple. 2 10 EmeraldCurrency
Red extract Create red extract. 3 N/A


The tower was restored rather quickly, the only thing left was to build the lightning rod. this short time was enough for Glenn to fall in love with the chieftain's daughter. He kept talking about her beauty and magnificent voice.


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