The Book Of The Empire. Part 1
The book of the empire. part1 quest
Dune Quest 1-9
Prerequisites: Complete Temple Of The Four
Location: Dune
15 Flour Flour
40 Cod liver oil Cod liver oil
200 Fresh grass Fresh grass
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Temple Of The Four The Book Of The Empire. Part 2


Alice didn't like this story from the very beginning. She was sure that there had to be a catch somewhere. She didn't trust either the monks or the Indistinguishable. 'I think they are all cut from the same cloth,' she was saying it over and over again.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Red extract Create red extract. 3
Mounted belts Create mounted belts. 3
Pickled carrot Make some pickled carrots. 5


Grimm was the only one from the Order who helped us open the gates. I refused to believe that he could deceive us.


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