[[File:|150px|Surprise quest]]
Moon well Quest 1-26
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
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[[Charlie's Tale. Part 5|Charlie's Tale. Part 5 [[Day Two|Day Two


Charlie, it seems that something broke in your bag. "It's ok, it's only an ornament, a statue with an eagle that I found on the glare of the forest," - said Charlie, picking up the totem of the inuit tribe that was broken in half in his bag.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Receive your friends. 10 3 EmeraldCurrency
70px Feed your dogs. 10 2 EmeraldCurrency
70px Put flower beds with roses or tulips. 5 10 EmeraldCurrency


On the next day, we will try to fix the Totem.


  • You need to buy flower beds in order to count.

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