Smoke Signal
Smoke signal quest
Southern Reach Quest 1-5
Location: Southern Reach
1 Mounted belts Mounted belts
100 Worms Worms
100 Water Water
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The Road To Nowhere Snake


Dull Echo said that he could move forward and give us a smoke signal. The idea sounded very prudent. The Inuk quickly sketched our further route on a piece of paper and gave us the map. Silent Shadow and I had nothing to do but wait for the signal and hope that nothing would happen to our friend.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Firewood Make some firewood for the campfire. 50 N/A
Fire Make a fire: you need to have a rest after the long road. 600 N/A
Apple Crops Eat a juicy apple. 3 EmeraldCurrency


Early in the morning, we noticed dense clouds of smoke showing us the way to the East of the Valley. We didn't even need a map to move forward. The shades of massive stone giants covered with lush grass sheltered us from the burning sun.


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