Shaman's Revenge
Shaman's revenge quest
Machaon Quest 1-15
Prerequisites: Complete Lightning Rod
Level:  ?
Location: [[Machaon Expedition Location| Machaon]]
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[[Lightning Rod|Lightning Rod [[Winona|Winona


The sky went dark. We hid from the rain in a small crevice of a rock. We heard a few rumbles of thunder, the sky began to flash. The first lightning strike hit the tower right in the structure we built. The lightning rod survived this and the subsequent lightning strikes. Everyone was thanking us.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Cord Create a cord. 5 N/A
Iron wheel Make some iron wheels in Wind's Song. 10 N/A
Fur hat Make some fur hats. 2 N/A


The shaman still didn't trust us. At night, when all were celebrating, he brought Glenn's revolver and told the elders that he found it in our tent.


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