In some expedition locations in Klondike, you can turn the location into a settlement once you have completed all the quests from that area.

In Klondike, you can only have 15 "active" locations (expedition locations that you have explored). If you are at the limit of 15, you can only explore further locations by turning one (or more) of your old locations into a settlement.

Klondike introduced the Settlement option to the game in;

How to Turn an Expedition Location Into a Settlement

1. Go to a location that has the Settlement option (you can find a list below) once you have completed all the quests at that station.

** It is also highly recommended that you clear all the resources from the location before turning it into a Settlement, since you won't be able to gain any more resources from the flora and fauna! **

2. Find the Settlement tab once you click on the station's warehouse (or central building).

3. Click on the Create button!

Once You Have a Settlement

Even if the location is completely cleared of plants, rocks, and other clickable resources, the map of the location will again become "beautiful and diverse." However, you cannot click on any of these new plants or minerals to gain resources. You can still use the storage facility at the location, though.

Screenshots of Completed Settlements


List of Possible Settlements

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