[[|150px|Research quest]]
Weather Station Quest 1-1
Prerequisites: none
Level:  ?
Location: Weather Station
250 Fish Fish
40 Worms Worms
5 Socks Socks
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This is the first quest in this series. Weather Station


Curious minds always seek knowledge. This time I managed to land a place in a group of meteorologists; they were studying the climate changes at Croonty's Range.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Produce nails in the Smithy or Metallurgy. 15 N/A
Get some milk. 200 N/A
Make hay bales. 15 N/A


I've travelled further, yet there were no surprises waiting for me at those lands. Setting out for Croonty's Range was a different story: You had to be prepared for all and every weather conditions.


Please do not correct the grammar issues due to in-game searchable content.

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