Rebirth quest
Claw Quest 1-18
Prerequisites: Finish Primitive Fear
Level:  ?
Location: [[Claw Expedition Location| Claw]]
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[[Primitive Fear|Primitive Fear [[The Last Fire|The Last Fire


Please, have mercy, I beg you!' cried Kaylin. Azor was standing over Ollie who was lying on the ground. The poachers dropped their guns and covered their eyes with their hands so they couldn't see their friend suffer.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Bricks Create bricks in the Pottery. 15 N/A
Table Make new tables. 2 N/A
Bed Produce a bed. 3 N/A


Azor will be merciful,' said Inua and tapped his stick on the ground one more time. The bear made a strike and left shallow scratches on the poacher's cheek. 'You will remember Azor forever, stranger. You will not take any more spirits from my people!' Ollie fainted with fear.

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