Politeness quest
Arnica Quest 1-4
Level:  ?
Location: Arnica
50 Quartz sand Quartz sand
50 Gypsum Gypsum
10 Golden shovels Golden shovels
Previous Next
Good Idea Uninvited Guests


We crossed the river quickly. Yet we forgot an important rule: one shouldn't come to an unknown village empty-handed. We had to go back for gifts for the locals.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Nails Produce a bunch of nails in the Smithy. 10 N/A
Wire Create wire in the Smithy: it wouldn't go amiss. 10 N/A
Goose egg basket Create a goose egg basket in the Barn. 5 N/A


Hope they will like it.' We tried to bring only the most useful things. 'We've arrived!' said dull Echo, pointing at fishing shacks.


  • Though it says produce the wire and nails in the Smithy, you can also produce them in the Metallurgy plant and it will still count.

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