Not a Fleck of Dust!
Quest name quest
At the Helm Quest 1-20
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
Previous Next
[[Thieves|Thieves [[Comeback|Comeback


At this time, Echo restore order and pursued his work of the Eskimos at the station.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Quest name obj 1 Accommodate workers in your residential buildings. 20 N/A
Quest name obj 2 Visit your friends' stations to establish trading relations. 20 5 EmeraldCurrency
Quest name obj3 Send free gifts to friends: they miss you. 100 N/A


Echo spent the entire day running about the station with various tools in his hands. First he took a broom, then some rags and buckets, rakes and clippers, shovels and fertilizers. By evening, the station was shining in the setting sun, bright as new.


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