Northern Pass
Northern pass quest
Arnica Quest 1-8
Location: Arnica
3 Styrofoam Styrofoam
10 Hook Hook
10 Triple hook Triple hook
Previous Next
A New Friend The Flood


Hope helped us put our camp to rights. He had been travelling across these lands for long and knew his way around. He gifted Silent Shadow a warm sweater: "You can fit two in there." he joked. We were so glad to finally meet a kind person.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Sweater Create a Sweater. 3 N/A
Milk Milk the cows to get more milk. 100 N/A
Collect wool Collect wool from sheep. 100 N/A


Hope told us that the Northern Pass was commonly known as Nord-Pas. The map of Nord-Pas can be purchased at the Market, but the village trader only speaks the local dialect. 'The map is very precious: it was drawn by hand on parchment. Even such wet weather cannot spoil this map.' With the first drops of rain, Hope hid in the tent.


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