Judy quest
Prerequisites: Finish On The Train
Level:  ?
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[[On The Train|On The Train [[The Solution|The Solution


I was almost asleep when the voice of a policeman woke me up: 'Missis, produce your ticket please or get off the train.' The poor lady sitting next to me took her crackled suitcase and headed to the exit. 'Wait, Sir. I'll pay for the ticket,' I said and gave the money to the policeman. The woman buried her face in her hands and started crying.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Paper Create some paper. 3 N/A
Plaid throw Create a plaid throw in the Spinnery, it'll come in handy. 1 N/A
Mug Make a couple of mugs in the Tinker factory. 2 N/A


My companion's name was Judy Taylor. Her husband fell for the Yukon swindler's scam and lost all his fortune. Six months ago, he left the town. 'My sister offered me a job at her cafe. You can make good money in Nord-Pas at this time of the year.'


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