Jewelers box

Purchase Price: ?? CoinCurrency
Sell Price: ?? CoinCurrency
Exp. total from completion: ?? Experience
Size: 2x2

Used in the Aquamarine Ring questline, and received during that as reward in the quest The Jeweler.

Items created in this building:

Item Material 1 Material 2 Pieces Weight Sell Price Purchase Price
High-carat gold
High-Carat Gold
30 ounces of gold dust
50 30 Ounces of Gold Dust
100 Fire
1 ?? ?? 4+1
Gemstone cutting wheel
Gemstone Cutting Wheel
10 Stones
5 Iron
1 ?? ?? 1+1
Faceted aquamarine
Faceted Aquamarine
30 Aquamarine
Gemstone cutting wheel
20 Gemstone Cutting Wheel
1 ?? ?? 5+1
Gold ring frame
Gold Ring Frame
High-carat gold
3 High-Carat Gold
Gemstone cutting wheel
20 Gemstone Cutting Wheel
1 ?? ?? 50+1
Aquamarine ring
Aquamarine Ring
Gold ring frame
1 Gold Ring Frame
Faceted aquamarine
1 Faceted Aquamarine
1 ?? ?? no option

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