It's Too Late
Its too late quest
Sunrise Quest 1-1
Prerequisites: Complete The Black Rabbit
Level: Level 1
Location: Sunrise
20,000 Coins Coins
10 Energy Energy
50 Fish Fish
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This is the first quest in this series. The Glacier


I spent too much time roaming around the forest and, when I found Mengu's camp, I understood I was late.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Its too late obj 1 Go to Glacier. 1 N/A
Its too late obj 2 Send some blueberries to your best friend. 5 3 EmeraldCurrency
Its too late obj3 Receive water as a gift to put out the cinders. 50 3 EmeraldCurrency


I checked the embers and understood that Mengu couldn't have gone too far. Well, I'll have to quicken the pace.


  • Originally translated as Glacier, you might see that instead of Sunrise.

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