Iron ore framed

Purchase Price:1 EmeraldCurrency
Sell Price:50 CoinCurrency
Production Time: 15 min

Iron ore is a raw material that forms Iron bars when smelted.

Iron Ore is Obtained from:

  • Mined from deposits on Home Station by Quarry workers and the player.
  • Digging under Iron Ore deposit on Neighbor's Stations
  • Exchanging the Illusionist's Set
  • Received from other players as a Free Daily Gift
  • Contained in treasure caches brought back from Expeditions by the player:
    • A Small Piece of Iron Ore
    • Average Lump of Iron Ore
    • Large Piece of Iron Ore

Materials Created with Iron Ore:

Buildings Constructed with Iron Ore:

  • None at this time

Quests that Use Item:

  • Quest Example 1
  • Quest Example 2
  • Quest Example 3

Quests that Reward Iron Ore:

  • Quest Example 1
  • Quest Example 2
  • Quest Example 3


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