Ice Walkway
Ice walkway quest
Amber Quest 1-8
Prerequisites: Complete The Discovery
Location: Amber
30 Instant fertilizer Instant fertilizer
7500 Experience Experience
50 Worms Worms
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The Discovery What Should We Do


We were making our small careful steps among the ice columns. There was no snow: under our feet we could see only smooth and shiny ice. One fall or a loud sound, and the entire rescue team could be trapped here, in ever-frost.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Wood veneer Produce some wood veneer at the factory. 15
Shelving Make some shelvings. 4
Buttermilk Create some healthy Buttermilk in the Dairy. 12


We reached the end of the Ice Walkway without a single slip. When we walked up on a rock cliff, Hugh saw a group of people ringed by a wolf pack.


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