Hit the Road
Hit the road quest
Machaon Quest 1-1
Prerequisites: Complete ?
Level:  ?
Location: [[Machaon Expedition Location| Machaon]]
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This is the first quest in this serie [[Machaon|Machaon


For a month or so, there had been rumors about the suspicious things taking place in the Emerald Valley. Travelers were spinning yarns and sharing most insane stories. They all had one thing in common: two geological expeditions went missing.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Machaon Reach Machaon. N/A
Wind Get wind as a gift from friends. 40 N/A
Feed dogs2 Feed the dogs. 30 N/A


I decided to go to the Emerald Valley one more time and find the reason for the expeditions' disappearance. Silent Shadow and Dull Echo supported my decision.


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