Heat Quest
Claw Quest 1-1
Prerequisites:  ?
Level:  ?
Location: Claw
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First Quest in Seri [[The News|The News


Hot midday sun pierced the living-room and was drawing geometric patterns on the shrunken floor boards. The station fell into deep slumber: birds stopped singing, dogs were hiding from the heat in the shade of trees. The inhabitants of Blue Peaks Valley kept still, waiting for a breath of fresh wind to blow and break this summer day's motionlessness.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Heat Obj 1 Get wind as a gift from friends. 100 N/A
Heat Obj 2 Feed your livestock.. 50 N/A
Heat Obj 3 Feed birds. 50 N/A


The evening shadows lengthened. Everyone was busy: Dull Echo and Silent Shadow were watering the faded plants, I was feeding the animals. Suddenly, we saw the tops of young sequoias by the bridge shiver. The dogs started to bark. Slicing the gray sky with its heavy wingbeats, the majestic eagle approached us.


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