Golden Palm. Part 3
Golden Palm. Part 3 quest
The Golden Palm Quest 1-7
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: [[Blue Peaks Valley Expedition Location| Blue Peaks Valley]]
30 Cotton Cotton
60 Rye Rye
50 Flax Flax
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[[Golden Palm. Part 2|Golden Palm. Part 2 [[The Pilgrimage|The Pilgrimage


Today I'm getting down to the final stage of the Golden palm's construction. I'm gong to need plenty of energy and patience today.


  • Take the toolbox from Storage and place it on the ground.
  • The summer sun makes the harvest dry. Get some water in the Well or Water pump. 0/50
  • Complete the construction of the Golden palm and place it from Storage to the ground.


After a few days of hard work, the Golden Palm was ready. She was gleaming in the sunlight, filling the air with heat from the top leaves.


  • The toolbox was rewarded and put into the player's Storage from the previous quest.
  • In order to construct the Golden palm, the Palm trunk previously constructed and placed on the ground must be put into storage - it will then be recognized as a component for creating the Golden palm.

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