Gates to the North
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Aery
20 Iron Iron
20 Tinplate Tinplate
3 Cheesecake 40px
Previous Next
With the Last Streng Suitable Pla


This place is not easy to render habitable. Yet, I'll be coming here often, so I need to find a decent spot and work on it.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
70px Cut out some jasmine bushes. 10 10
70px Unload more telegraph poles at home. 1 10
70px Find a suitable flat place for an encampment. (Find an oak with a nest). N/A


You should try harder to get to Aery. The dogs are exhausted, the supplies are near the end. But we arrived. Finally arrived.


  • There is only one oak with a nest, and it is located on the very northernmost tip of the map.
  • The pole can be unloaded anywhere, even in Aery. You can chop the jasmine bushes at home or at Aery.

Quickest Route to the 'Oak with a Nest':


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