Fountain for coins framed

Purchase Price:500,000 CoinCurrency
Sell Price:?? CoinCurrency
Exp. from purchase: 5,000 Experience
Workers Needed: none Workers

Creates patches of grass and places them in storage; they can be placed on the map and act like regular grass patches.

Items created in this building:

Item Material 1 Material 2 Pieces Weight Sell Price Purchase Price


Grass patch (5 Fresh Grass)

Fresh grass

2 Fresh Grass


5 Water

1 ??SledIcon ?? CoinCurrency ?? EmeraldCurrency


Jasmine patch


5 Flax


3 Water

1 ??SledIcon ?? CoinCurrency ?? EmeraldCurrency


  • The Fountain allows for a perpetual source production of Fresh Grass and Worms, which are needed to feed livestock and raise fowls.
  • 2014-11-07 133136

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