Farm building

Purchase Price:3,500,000 CoinCurrency

Farm can accommodate cattle herds. It allows you to collect output from animals and create compound feed for your herds fast and easy.

Construction Requirements

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:


Upgrade Requirements

Once stage 3 is complete, the Farm has 2 stalls and the ability to store 250 compound feed. Each upgrade adds 2 stalls and storage for 250 compound feed.

Upgrade 1 / Stage 4:

Upgrade 2 / Stage 5:

Upgrade 3 / Stage 6:

Items Created in this Building

Item Material 1 Material 2 Pieces Weight Sell Price Purchase Price
Compound feed
Compound Feed
Hay bale for 25 portions
1 Hay Bale for 25 Portions
Cod liver oil
3 Cod Liver Oil
Compound feed
Compound Feed
Hay bale for 150 portions
1 Hay Bale for 150 Portions
Cod liver oil
15 Cod Liver Oil



  • Can be purchased at the Home Station, Indigo, or Wind’s Song for 3,500,000 Coins.
  • In the Farm, animals eat only compound feed.
  • Animal products are collected from the Farm like any other factory.
  • Each Farm/Hennery has to be built and upgraded separately.
  • Compound feed created in a Farm or Hennery belongs to this building and cannot be used in other Farms or Henneries. If you sell a Farm or Hennery, its compound feed will be irretrievably lost.
  • In order to open a Golden Statue from a Hennery or Farm, you need to place it on the ground. Each herd/flock turns into 1 big statue.

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