Escape Attempt
Escape attempt quest
Caldos Quest 1-16
Location: Caldos
100 Quartz sand Quartz sand
100 Clay Clay
100 Worms Worms
Previous Next
Rockfall Deadlock


We spent an hour in that trap. We managed to move a couple of heavy stones, but we soon got exhausted and sat down to have some rest. I wonder, "Where is the one who found this passage?"


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
Fire Make fire in the Barn. 1000 N/A
Mining set Collect and exchange a Mining Set. 5 N/A
Ribbon Create red ribbon in the Spinnery. 7 N/A


We decided to get some sleep. Unfortunately, we had to sleep seated as there was no room in the passage to lay down. The next morning I thought that it was all just a bad dream.


  • Fire can also be made in the Cottage and will still count. Same with the ribbon, it can be made in the manufactories and still count.

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