Energy is what makes the game go round.

These are the many different types of food that can replenish your energy.

Energy food misc

Three types of Honey, that can be found in trees, bundles of grass and in return for the horn set.

Edible mushroom: 1 Energy. (can be found clearing out grass on expeditions)

Plum: 1 Energy

Apple: 2 Energy (for three emerald you can plant an apple tree but other than that you find it out on expeditions)

Dry toast: 3 energy

Bread: 5 energy (Can be made in Bakery)

Dream breakfast: 5 Energy (has to be made from 1 cup of coffee and one doughnut. You can get coffee from friends and neighbors but doughnuts are only given from the games administration.)

Pie: 20 energy (Can be found in chest or wooden boxes, can be made in Bakery)

Cheesecake: 35 energy (Can be made in Bakery)

Raspberry tart: 40 energy (Can be made in Bakery)

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