End of Story
End of story quest
Khanbulat Quest 1-6
Prerequisites: None
Level: Level 1
Location: Khanbulat
3 Piece of sun Piece of sun
5,000 Experience Experience
5 Pages of father's diary 40px
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The Grin Father's Diary


"...the foreigner kept a diary that held information about the location of Star's nest and the way to it." Mengu stopped speaking; I went to prepare the sled for new tasks.


Icon Objective Quantity Skip Cost
End of story obj 1 Find a couple of rubies for Mengu. 2 3 EmeraldCurrency
End of story obj 2 Find a couple of diamonds for Mengu. 2 7 EmeraldCurrency
End of story obj3 Bring a lot of sweet pears to Khanbulat. 20 5 EmeraldCurrency


"The Khans tore the diary apart and scattered its pages to the four winds. I have kept a few pages for me, take them," - said Mengu and handed me the roll. The most suspicious thing about it all is that Mengu himself doesn't know where Star's nest is, although he is one of the Khans.


  • Pears can be loaded and unloaded at home station.
  • Rubies can be found in large troves, iron ore and crystallin (confirmed), treasure chests (unconfirmed)
  • Diamonds can be found in small troves and golden chest (confirmed), vases

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